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Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

Global Giveaway!!

Global enjoys giving back to the community!! We need your help to nominate some lucky families for a chance to win a Thanksgiving feast. Please email [email protected] with the family’s information.

Thanksgiving has become a festival about family. A time to give thanks for everything and everyone that they have. Together, we count our blessings and give others hope! Global will be sponsoring 3 families for Thanksgiving Dinner this holiday season, two families in Horry County and one family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We ask each employee to donate $10 for this case. If you are unable to donate, please inform your manager privately. We ask donations to be given to accounting by Friday November 20th.

To enter a family needs to send an email with their information listed for consideration. Include Name, Number, and story of family. The winning Family will be picked on Monday November 23,2020. We will de- liver to the family as well. We will not release private information; we will only release the first name and location of the chosen families.

If an employee has social media, GOF asks that you share our post on your personal social media pages and to one family you know that could use the help. The family needs to send email to [email protected]

All donations are accepted!

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